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Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027

Strategic Plan

Bulloch County Schools is committed to the success of its students while also being good stewards of the community’s resources.  To achieve this, the school district has developed a strategic plan.  The district’s vision statement establishes where it sees itself in the future.  The district’s mission statement establishes what it must do to get there.  The resulting goals, objectives, and initiatives outline the more specific components of the district’s plan of action.  All that must occur to achieve this is grounded in the district’s beliefs, which is why the district exists, and its core values, which define the collective spirit of the district. The accompanying strategy map depicts the district’s strategy at a summary level.


Bulloch County Schools Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027

This strategic plan was adopted by the Board of Education on May 12, 2022.


Bulloch County Schools will prepare its students to be contributing members of society, based upon their interests and abilities, to pursue the work and careers of their choice.


Bulloch County Schools' mission is to prepare students for success and enhance community value.

Beliefs & Core Values

We believe everyone can learn and grow in a continuous improvement culture that incorporates our core values of being relational, purposeful, reflective, resourceful, courageous, and accountable.

Strategic Goals 

Bulloch County Schools’ vision and mission statements contain two major themes that are articulated in its strategic goals:

  • Goal: Work and Career Readiness
  • Goal: Community Resourcefulness. 

These goals will be accomplished through the district’s strategic objectives.  

Strategic Objective One

Bulloch County Schools will empower a collaborative team committed to the vision and mission of the district by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Attract high quality professionals that share the district’s beliefs and values.
  • Develop the skills and capacity of team members through a growth model that is aligned with the district’s beliefs and values.
  • Retain team members that embrace the beliefs and values of the district and pursue opportunities to grow, both individually and collectively.
Strategic Objective Two

Bulloch County Schools will collect and utilize appropriate and necessary information resources by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Collect and maintain achievement, demographic, program, and perception data to enhance the district’s continuous improvement efforts.
  • Utilize achievement, demographic, program, and perception data effectively to determine the impact of programs and services on students and evaluate the use of resources.
  • Implement the necessary information technology infrastructure to enhance decision-making processes and support student learning.
  • Implement a Balanced Scorecard to monitor progress of the district’s strategic plan.
Strategic Objective Three

Bulloch County Schools will enhance the culture and learning environment of the district by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Enhance board governance and leadership capacity to align beliefs, values, and actions from the boardroom to the classroom in pursuit of the district’s vision and mission. 
  • Continue to build and refine collaborative processes for continuous improvement. 
  • Enhance collaboration with parents and community stakeholders to support the vision and mission of the district.
  • Enhance communications within the district and across the community to facilitate decision-making, and expand parent involvement and community support. 
  • Implement a long-term facilities plan that provides for the adequate learning environment for all students while appropriately utilizing the available resources of the district. 
  • Implement a comprehensive safety plan that provides for the physical safety of students, staff, and visitors.
Strategic Goal Four

Bulloch County Schools will provide work and career readiness pathways for students by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Implement additional options for students who need non-traditional learning environments.
  • Expand dual enrollment and advanced placement options for students.
  • Implement a comprehensive workforce development plan in collaboration with community stakeholders so that students are work and career ready.
  • Implement a comprehensive graduation plan process so that students stay on track for graduation.
Strategic Goal Five

Bulloch County Schools will provide guidance and support, commensurate with its core values, to students by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Establish a school climate that addresses the emotional wellbeing of students, thereby improving their ability to learn. 
  • Implement a Multi-Tiered System of Supports so that students with behaviors not in alignment with district expectations are given the opportunity to adjust and succeed.
  • Implement a comprehensive K-12 school counseling program that supports students’ needs while working in partnership with parents and guardians.
Strategic Goal Six

Bulloch County Schools will provide differentiated learning opportunities to students by investing in the following initiatives: 

  • Implement a Multi-Tiered System of Supports so that students’ unique learning needs, from remediation to higher order thinking, are addressed.
  • Implement a personalized learning approach to closing student learning gaps.
Strategic Goal Seven

Bulloch County Schools will provide foundational skills development for its students by investing in the following initiatives: 

  • Establish a community-based literacy effort that addresses the literacy gap of children from birth to pre-kindergarten, thereby addressing kindergarten readiness. 
  • Establish a “Rising Kindergarten Readiness Camp” to address the kindergarten readiness skills of students who did not attend pre-kindergarten.
Strategic Goal Eight

Bulloch County Schools will allocate resources to schools in a manner that empowers them to address their critical priorities by investing in the following initiatives:

  • Enhance the district’s funding formula to schools.
Strategic Goal Nine

Bulloch County Schools will continue to ensure that the district remains compliant with laws and regulations by investing in the following initiatives, so that the district’s vision and mission are not jeopardized:

  • Ensure that all board members comply with the Georgia School Board model code of ethics.
  • Ensure that all educators comply with the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators.
  • Ensure that the district maintains financial integrity as represented by its annual audit report. 
  • Ensure that the district remains in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies governing school operations.