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Behavioral and Dress Code Expectations for Families During Required Meetings

Student Engagement

Students are expected to remain engaged throughout the required meeting.  Device cameras should be on and microphones muted unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  Students should not be expected to provide supervision to young children during the required meeting.

Parent Engagement

Parents of young children or other children easily distracted may be available to redirect the student’s attention to the teacher, but that should be the extent of parental involvement during required meeting times.  Parents may listen to the lesson in order to support the student but should avoid interrupting or trying to serve as a ‘co-teacher’ for the class.  Follow the teacher’s direction for asking questions at appropriate times.

Limit Household Distractions

Parents should ensure that the student has a virtual learning environment that is free from distractions.  Loud televisions or music, group conversations, barking dogs, or even loud appliances can not only distract your student, but the other students who are participating in the meeting. Students are encouraged to use earbuds.  Contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you need earbuds.

The following items should never be visible by the student’s camera during meeting times: tobacco, alcohol, drugs (illegal or legal), weapons, pornographic or other inappropriate materials.

Parents should also not ask their children to step away from required sessions to perform other tasks, except in the event of an emergency. 

Dress Code

Any individuals shown on camera during class meetings (parents or students) must follow the Student Dress Expectations included in the Student Handbook to the extent that the student is visible.  Stop and consider whether your attire would be appropriate if entering a school building.  If the answer is “no,” then the attire should not be worn during a required meeting.