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High ( Grades Nine through Twelve)

Upon acceptance into the Virtual Program, all high school students will attend an academic advisement session with his or her high school counselor.  Counselors will work with students to determine whether high school graduation requirements can be met in the Virtual Program or through a combination of Virtual Program and transferable courses not offered by Bulloch County Schools.  If the counselor, student, and parents reach the conclusion that the Virtual Program does not support the student’s graduation plan, the student will be placed in the face-to-face program.

Homeroom Teachers

All students will be assigned to a homeroom teacher as a primary point of contact for the virtual student and his/her parents.  

Academic Content Areas

Bulloch County Schools will offer all core academic courses that are required to meet graduation requirements through the Virtual Program.  Honors versions are available for many, but not all, virtual program courses.  Due to staff limitations, Advanced Placement classes will not be offered through the Virtual Program.  Students seeking credit for Advanced Placement classes will be scheduled to Georgia Virtual School for these courses.

Study Skills

Special education students may be scheduled with a special education teacher for one or more academic areas and may also be assigned a separate study skills connections class for additional support. Schedules for special education teachers will be created by each student’s Individualized Education Plan team.

Foreign Language

Spanish I and II will be offered either through the Virtual Program or by contracting with Edgenuity Instructional Services to provide teacher-led instruction through the Edgenuity platform. See below for High School Courses Not Offered Through Bulloch County Schools Virtual Program section for information on additional possibilities for earning credit in other foreign languages courses.

Career Technical and Agricultural Education
  • Business Pathway: A business pathway will be offered through the Virtual Program.
  • Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corp: If your student wishes to participate in Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corp, he or she must attend the face-to-face class at the scheduled time during the school day. Transportation must be provided by the student or parent. 
  • Work-Based Learning: School-based work-based learning coordinators will provide supervision to any students in the Virtual Program who are employed or plan to be employed in the Fall and wish to earn work-based learning credits.
Health and Physical Education

The following Health and Physical Education courses are available in the Virtual Program: Health and Personal Fitness, Advanced Personal Fitness, First Aid and Safety.

Academic Electives

Additional academic electives may be made available based on the needs of high school students registering for the Virtual Program and available staffing.

Performing Arts

Due to staff limitations, Visual Arts will not be offered in the Virtual Program for course credit. 

If your student wishes to participate in after-school practices, competitions, and (or) performances in the areas of Band, Chorus, and (or) Theater Arts, he or she must also participate in the face-to-face class at the scheduled time during the school day. Transportation must be provided by the student or parent. 

High School Courses Not Offered Through Virtual Learning

While the offerings within the Virtual Program are limited due to staffing, there may be other opportunities for students to participate in classes taught by certified teachers not employed by Bulloch County Schools.  The following are state-approved models that may help students meet their educational goals: