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Elementary Consequences

Level 1 Offenses:  Disciplinary Actions

  • First Offense - In-school conference and parent contact when warranted; correction and/or replacement of defaced/damaged personal and/or public property; other appropriate consequences.
    • Special circumstances may warrant disciplinary action as outlined under Subsequent Offenses.
      • Subsequent Offenses - In-school disciplinary action such as detention, after school detention, behavior plan, time-out, extended time-out, suspension at the discretion of the principal or his/her designee, or suspension from bus transportation for up to ten school days for bus related offenses.

Level 2 Offenses: Disciplinary Actions

  • First Offense and Subsequent Offenses - Extended time-out, detention before or after school, suspension - up to 10 days, other appropriate consequences, and/or suspension from the bus for ten days or longer for bus related offenses.

Level 3 Offenses: Disciplinary Actions

  • The disciplinary actions for these offenses will be out of school suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion by the principal as authorized in the procedures previously stated and/or suspension from bus transportation for up to the remainder of the semester or year for bus related offenses. 
  • The third offense of bullying in a school year, at a minimum shall result in the student being assigned to an alternative school or other alternative education program, if available.
  • The principal shall suspend the student whose expulsion is recommended during the interim between the time the recommendation is made and the date of the disciplinary hearing, but such interim suspension shall not be for a period exceeding 10 days.
    • At the hearing, the hearing officer will determine whether or not a violation of the policy has occurred and whether or not the student should be expelled or some other appropriate punishment be imposed. 
    • If, after the hearing, the hearing officer determines not to expel the student or impose some other punishment, which includes the interim suspension, the interim suspension shall be considered void. The student shall be shown as present and the days absent will not show on the record. The student will be allowed to make up all work missed.
    • If the disciplinary hearing officer finds a student guilty of a drug or alcohol offense, the student and his/her parent or legal guardian must satisfactorily complete a substance abuse program approved by the Bulloch County Board of Education and must submit written documentation of the completion or of continuing satisfactory involvement in said program to the principal of his/her school within 90 days after the date of the disciplinary hearing.