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Welcome to Our Visitors and Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in Bulloch County Schools. We are excited to develop a partnership with you as a visitor and/or volunteer. We thank you for caring about the needs of our schools and being willing to offer your assistance.


Visitor Protocol:

Visitors are people who will not have any unsupervised activities with students. Examples of these activities include: PTO members, Booster Club members, classroom party attendees, speakers, presenters, guest readers, concession stand workers, field day assistants, office assistants, and Media Center helpers. Visitors will be required to use the check-in/check-out system at the schools each time they enter and leave campus. If visitors begin working in any unsupervised setting with students, the Level Two process should be completed immediately. Please use the Visitor and Volunteer Levels chart for more information.


Volunteer Protocol:

Step One: Please review our Visitor and Volunteer Levels and Important Volunteer Tips, then follow these steps. Thank you for your willingness to serve.

Step Two: Complete the BCS Volunteer Application

Step Three: Wait to be contacted by the District Volunteer Coordinator.

Step Four: Complete a background check if necessary. See our Visitor and Volunteer Levels for more information about the types of volunteers that require a background check.

Step Five: Once the BCS Volunteer Application is completed:

  • The application will be reviewed by the District Volunteer Coordinator who will utilize the Visitor and Volunteer Levels to determine if the volunteer must complete a background check.
  • If a background check is not needed: (Level Two Volunteer)
    • The DIstrict Volunteer Coordinator will contact the volunteer to discuss possible volunteer placements and follow up with the Principal/Program Director based on the discussed volunteer services. The volunteer will be instructed to contact the Principal/Program Director to make arrangements for a meeting to complete their BCS Volunteer Orientation & Service Plan.
    • The Principal/Program Director will meet with the volunteer to complete the BCS Volunteer Orientation & Service Plan.
  • If a background check is needed: (Level Three Volunteer)
    • If it is determined that a potential volunteer is required to complete a background check, instructions will be provided by the District Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Bulloch County Schools employees with a current background check on file are not required to complete and additional background check.
    • Law enforcement officials are exempt from background checks if they can provide a letter (on employer letterhead and signed) from their employer (Human Resources Department or supervisor) that states they are a current, active employee, and are cleared for employment.
    • Some Georgia Southern University students may be exempt from an additional background check if they are covered under a current Memorandum of Understanding with Bulloch County Schools. This exemption does not apply to all Georgia Southern University students. GSU students should complete the BCS Volunteer Application and the District Volunteer Coordinator will determine if the background check is needed or if the student is exempt.
    • Once the background check is completed, the District Volunteer Coordinator will review results to determine if the potential volunteer can be cleared for service.
      • If determined to be unacceptable, the District Volunteer Coordinator will notify the potential volunteer of this determination.
      • If determined to be acceptable, the District Volunteer Coordinator will notify the Principal/Program Director and will notify the potential volunteer with instructions for contacting the Principal/Program Director.

Step Six: Volunteer Orientation and Service Plan

  • The Principal/Program Director or their designee will meet with the volunteer to complete the BCS Volunteer Orientation & Service Plan.

About Us

Bulloch County Schools is a public, pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade school system located in southeast Georgia. It is our mission to prepare students for success and enhance community value. Our school system is Bulloch County's second-largest employer with more than 2,200  full-time, part-time, seasonal, substitute, and contracted services employees. We serve more than 11,000 students in a consolidated system with 15 campuses and three alternative learning centers: Cedarwood, the Transitions Learning Center, and the Graduation Performance Academy.

Bulloch County is an education community with choices of public, private, charter and homeschool K-12 options. There are three post-secondary institutions within the county (Georgia Southern University, East Georgia State College, and Ogeechee Technical College). Our students and faculty benefit from the partnerships we have built with these education partners.

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Key Contacts

Dr. Julie Chance
Executive Director of Program Improvement


Keith Wilkey
Director of School Social Work 
& Homeless Liaison